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LJ Pet Supplies is a local supplier in Queensland, Australia. We are importer and wholesaler for Bird Products, Dog Care Products, Other Pet Care Products, etc.  

As a member of PIAA, we are committed to providing our trade clients with best client service, stable quality products and competitive prices in Pet Industry.

We also provide purchasing and importing service for our clients. Please contact us for more information.

Delivery Policy: 1, For customers fromSydney,Brisbaneand Gold Coast, free freight applies if the amount of order is more than $500. A $20 standard freight fee applies if the amount of order is less than $500.

2, For other customers, Discounted Freight Fee would apply to orders with amount more than $1000.

3, Discounted Freight Fee is based on Toll Ipec or Toll Priority freight charges. It would be $0.25/kg less than TOLL rate.

Let B= basic charge, R= rate per kg, W= weight or cubic weight which is bigger, F=fuel surcharge which is 16% (Toll Priority) or 11.5% (Toll Ipec), G=GST rate which is 10%. Toll Freight Charge= (B+R*W)*1+F*(1+G)

Discounted Freight Fee= (B+(R-0.25)*W)*(1+F)*(1+G)

For example, a customer fromMelbourneordered more than $1000 pet products. The goods weights 200kgs. Then B=$7.00, R=0.37, W=200, F=0.115, G=0.1. Then Toll Freight Charge= (7+0.37*200)*1.115*1.1=$99.35

Discounted Freight Fee= (7+ (0.37-0.25)*200)*1.115*1.1=$38.02.

That means $61.33 freight fee saved.

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